Tinder scams (humpsnow.com)

There are multiple ways you could be cheated on Tinder. A search for Tinder scams will give you plenty of results. Tinder itself does not appear to be very proactive on malicious and fake profiles. For example, a very common scam at the time of writing (October 2020) is fake pictures directing to a malware site which infects the visitors computers. Typically, the first image might be that of an very attractive girl. The second image, is the same one, containing the scam text, as you can see below, urging the user to visit a website to hire a girl:

Hire me no on humpsnow.com for 3 hours €130 everything inclusive.

Caution! Do not go to humpsnow.com as it contains malware!

Tinder scams (humpsnow.com)

SCAM: Hire me on humpsnow.com everything inclusive

humpsnow.com Tinder scam

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